David Royle and Bruce Russell

Beardsmore Gallery is delighted to be showcasing the recent work of David Royle and Bruce Russell, two painters who haveĀ  exhibited with us since we started in the early 1990’s.

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David Royle

David’s paintings, which emerge from thematic and structural juxtapositions, are not easy. His dizzying and meticulous use of perspective gives an impression of unreality. So a familiar prop – say, an armchair (an internal reference to Matisse) – floats above a city seen through a night lens. What he calls his ‘layered’ realities have an […]

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To the Edge

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Inside Out

‘Inside out’ is an expression we use every day – we know people ‘inside out’ (they hold no surprises), a piece of clothing is ‘inside out’ (not meant to be seen). But David’s choice of title is both literal and open to other interpretations, a way of situating the viewer in a painted interior that […]

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