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Francesca Simon


‘On looking closely it becomes evident that each canvas is the product of much over-painting and rubbing down.  The resulting geometric forms are in fact the remaining traces of an expressive under-painting which, at a later stage, has then been controlled and harnessed by the application of grey paint to determine their final contours as well as supplying the unifying background.  Thus the painter’s approach entails both the making and subsequent obliteration of marks, ending only when the outer perimeter of each form is satisfactorily resolved and set in place by the use of rulers and masking tape.  The grey background results therefore from painting round the edges of what is already there until the interior forms themselves take shape, getting smaller or slimmer until, as in Shards 2, they become slivers of light permeating the surrounding space like the narrow windows of a Gothic cathedral.’  from ‘Taking Shape’ by Anna Moszynska [1]

Surface Deep 2009-12 acrylic + graphite/canvas 110x144cm