Past Exhibitions

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Rebecca Salter

Bliss of Solitude
2 November - 2 December 2006
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Oliver Barratt

14 September - 14 October 2006
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small work on paper

To the Edge
8 June - 8 July 2006
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Sally Temple

‘Between What I Say and What I Keep Silent’
27 April – 26 May 2006
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Jason Hicklin

Isle of Skye & West Cork
24 November - 23 December 2005
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Lisa Wright

New Paintings
18th October - 19th November 2005
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Extract from an interview with Stephen Carter by David Barrett 2005. SC All the spaces in these new motorway paintings are places that I cut through travelling between my home and studio, which happen to be located on either side of this main road that leads out from London to Oxford and the west and […]

Stephen Carter

13 September - 8 October 2005
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n 1997 Mark Surridge moved from London and set up his house and studio in the depths of the Cornish countryside. Eight years on he has established himself as part of an exciting new generation of artists working and exhibiting within the region. He has been elected a member of the Newlyn Society of Artists […]

Mark Surridge

Elemental Secrets
28 April - 28 May 2005
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Liam Hanley & Sarah Scampton

White Grounds
24 February - 25 March 2005
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An exhibition of new work in paint & clay by the ex-conceptualist Michael Druks. Close to the basic drives. To make marks, mould and organise. To echo and predict. To give credibility to the possible, without pre-analysis or conclusion. Pictures of believable situations that have a past and a future. Pictures that are credible forensic evidence: […]

Michael Druks

7 October - 6 November 2004

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