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Jonathan Phillips, Susan Phillips, Sarah Scampton

16 April - 10 May 2013
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At the point of looking, the eye of the viewer drifts past the complexities of the surface to inhabit the relative tranquility of liminal space and discover something universal and constant beyond. Rebecca Salter 2013 Plea Please contact the gallery for further images and information

Rebecca Salter

Rebecca Salter – Beyond
21 February - 30 March 2013
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As I was an only child with two parents who both worked in the sweatshops of New York, I spent a lot of time on my own going to the movies.  In a sense they were both company and a diversion for me.  When I first started to learn silkscreen printing in Montreal, Canada I […]

Ellen Kuhn

30 January - 16 February 2013
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Artists have often been concerned with conveying the illusion of three dimensions onto a two dimensional surface.  Toni explores this transition through very controlled drawing or by physically reinventing the surface.  In the work the underlying structure of the grid is always present.  The grid offers the means to retrace one’s footsteps, to understand the […]

Toni Davey

Toni Davey
22 November - 20 December 2012
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  ‘On looking closely it becomes evident that each canvas is the product of much over-painting and rubbing down.  The resulting geometric forms are in fact the remaining traces of an expressive under-painting which, at a later stage, has then been controlled and harnessed by the application of grey paint to determine their final contours […]

Francesca Simon
11 October - 9 November 2012
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  New paintings by Soizick Freeman following a sabbatical in Sri Lanka, balancing luminous reflective areas of colour with more intricate, densely worked sections.

Soizick Freeman

Soizick Freeman
6 September - 5 October 2012
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Birkin Haward

Birkin Haward
14 June - 20 July 2012
View show David Goerk - Steve Riedell - Francisco Castro Lenero

This is our first visiting show from the Howard Scott Gallery in New York.  We are delighted to be exhibiting a selection of work from David Goerk, Francisco Castro Lenero and Steve Riedell. David Goerk uses wood, enamel, gesso and encaustic to make small wall-sited constructions.  The strong colours and carefully articulated shapes have a […]

David Goerk, Francisco Castro Lenero. Steve Riedell

10 May - 9 June 2012
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Following the contours of the hedgerows high up on the ancient hills of Long Rock overlooking distant West Penwith, a network of distinct curving lines and enclosures is visible, just like the fine lines of a clearly defined ordinance survey map.  September, October and November provided magnificent skies with spectacular cloud formations, like grand graphic […]

Mark Surridge

Mark Surridge – Field Lines
23 February - 30 March 2012
View show graphite on paper

A show of paintings and drawings by gallery artists, including work by David Royle, Yuji Oki, Ian Brown, Atta Kwami and Jason Hicklin.

February in the gallery

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