Past Exhibitions

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Oliver Barratt, Ian Brown, Mark Cazalet, Toni Davey, Birkin Haward, Jason Hicklin, Ellen Kuhn, Pamela Clarkson, Susan Phillips, David Royle, Francesca Simon, Mark Surridge

Christmas Exhibition

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The Irish Sculptor Eilis O’Connell is renowned for her large scale commissioned pieces.  Since 1979 she has created over 30 notable, permanent site-specific projects in the UK and mainland Europe, yet her small sculptures have rarely been seen.  This show focuses on the extraordinary cumulative strength of O’Connell’s small-scale works and examines how form is […]

Eilis O'Connell

Specific Gravity
17 October - 30 November 2013
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  September : We are at the 20/21 British Art Fair at the Royal College of Art showing new work by Rebecca Salter and Jason Hicklin and a charcoal by Lisa Wright from the Royal Shakespeare Histories Series. In the gallery we have a mixed show of paintings by gallery artists including Stephen Carter, Yuji […]

AUTUMN Exhibition Programme and News

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Russell Loughlan

It’s Hard For Me But I’m Trying
20 July - 29 July 2013
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It’s hard for me but I’m trying – inks and collages by Russell Loughan in gallery from 20-29 July 2013

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For the older artist disenchantment is a frequent companion and part of a hard-won critical edge and pleasures are to be savoured with confidence.  The tension exerted by these opposites is maintained by the mature artist as an underlying challenge.  It is exciting to arrive at what is a sense of confidence;  for some it […]

Bob White

Bob White at 80
26 June - 19 July 2013
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Jason Hicklin
16 May - 21 June 2013
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Jonathan Phillips, Susan Phillips, Sarah Scampton

16 April - 10 May 2013
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At the point of looking, the eye of the viewer drifts past the complexities of the surface to inhabit the relative tranquility of liminal space and discover something universal and constant beyond. Rebecca Salter 2013 Plea Please contact the gallery for further images and information

Rebecca Salter

Rebecca Salter – Beyond
21 February - 30 March 2013
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As I was an only child with two parents who both worked in the sweatshops of New York, I spent a lot of time on my own going to the movies.  In a sense they were both company and a diversion for me.  When I first started to learn silkscreen printing in Montreal, Canada I […]

Ellen Kuhn

30 January - 16 February 2013

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