Atta Kwami

Atta Kwami at 1-54 contemporary african art fair 3-7 October
1-54 contemporary african art fair


  Atta Kwami Elikem relief wood & paint

Atta Kwami Deme 2018 relief acrylic and wood

Atta Kwami Nukunu 2018 oil on linen 100x73cm

Atta Kwami Kele 2014 acrylic on linen 146x89cm

Atta Kwami Post Diagonal Lintel 2, 2018 acrylic and plywood 60x60cm

Atta Kwami Kokomlemle 2014 acrylic on linen 130x97cm

Atta Kwami Azaria 2018 wood and paint relief 49.6x61cm

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